Senin, 22 April 2013

New Honda City 1.5 i-VTEC M / T 2010, Stay Comfortable For Daily

If the intended simply to find the trophy, Samuel Yapar arguably one of the many modifier country who understand outsmart. Because the decision to overhaul the look of his 2010 New Honda City, the capital recalculation so the vehicle can remain comfortable for daily use.

This is addressed by applying methods Samuel with plug and play on the street racing themed alteration. Ranging from the engine, the legs up to the exterior. We start from the engine bay.

Engine 1,500 cc i-VTEC luggage is designed quite powerful, but remains efficient in terms of fuel consumption. To boost maximum power, just add a turbo kit Samuel Sage.

The point that can be installed without the need to change too extreme in the kitchen spur. Including adding intercooler and boost settings, the super chip reset using Greedy, without replacing the vital innards of the machine at all.

On the legs, pretty dimodali ring 18-inch Enkei rims, Toyo tires following 225/35-R18 size. "The combination of wheel size (tire and rim) is still relatively safe for daily," believes modifier skytron Autowork in Manado, North Sulawesi, this.

Similarly, the exterior is just recoated using a method body wrapping sticker on outer body panels. According to Samuel, if you want to change to a different color and graphics, or if you have to restore to its original color did not take a long time and minimal cost.

As for the front door panel lambo door models with a motorized system. But not at the expense of luggage hinges, door hinges replaced due to knock-down models that can be returned to standard conditions.

Most players who have dressed car modification car extreme style, often feel a desire to upgrade the audio system sound quality themed loud (SQL).

This of course has its own reasons in the eyes of modifiers such as Samuel, who can not stand to let her look sound system standard. According to this friendly guy, installation SQL system is intended to give the impression of attractive, especially when it comes down contest.

For this reason, Samuel buried some car audio components, focusing only on the placement of the trunk. "That does not sound too disturbing in the cabin, when the car is used daily," says frontman Famous this community.

Sufficiently capitalized front cabin monitor Sony 722BT head unit because its function can be used for various multimedia needs, including the need to support the entertainment in the interior.

While the split speaker, power amplifier and mono ch 6 following its block capacitor bank, placed side by side with a 10-inch sub-woofer in the trunk. Its function is unclear, just for creating a thunderous sound when dropped contests or when hanging out with my mates community.

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